Limited Time: Pro Supps Pre & Alpha Supps Pump Bundle

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Limited Time: Pro Supps Pre & Alpha Supps Pump Bundle

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Alpha Supps - Pump
  • Increased Muscular Blood Flow*
  • Enhances Muscle Vascularity*
  • Increases Nitric Oxide Levels*
  • Increased Bioavailability*

Designed to take your workouts to new heights, Alpha PUMP pairs perfectly with any pre-workout supplement. Each capsule includes ingredients that your typical pre-workout supplements will not have. Ingredients like HydroPrime for achieving hyperhydration for fuller and thicker muscle pumps, Astragin and Bioperine for maximum absorption to increase the benefits of each ingredient, S7 for maximum vasodilation, and Arginine to work synergistically with L-Citrulline which is in most pre-workouts, like our Alpha PRE.

Alpha PUMP is designed to be perfectly paired with any other pre-workout on the market, as it contains other innovative vasodilating and hyperhydrating ingredients to amp up your workouts to another level!

Alpha Supps - Pre

100mg Infinergy:
Patented ingredient developed by Creative Compounds

Infinergy is simply caffeine bonded to malic acid. It operates similarly to caffeine, but it has one distinct difference – due to the presence of malic acid, dicaffeine malate takes longer to stimulate. Because it takes a bit longer to get going, it acts as almost a secondary jolt in energy, helping to keep energy levels high as caffeine anhydrous begins to wear off!*

50mg S7®:
S7® is a low dose blend of seven plant-based ingredients that has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide by 230%!*

Our bodies already produce nitric oxide, signaling the blood vessels to relax, thus increasing blood flow. This aids an athlete by delivering more oxygen, fuel, and other key nutrients to exercising muscles during training.*

This clinically researched plant-based sports nutrition ingredient triggers the best kind of nitric oxide, your body’s own internal NO.*

1000mg Agmatine Sulfate:
Agmatine Sulfate improves your exercise performance, boosts nitric oxide levels, and nitric oxide is important for cellular metabolism.*

Eria Jarensis:
Eria Jarensis is a stimulant which has recently become very popular in many pre-workout supplements. Eria Jarensis is what’s referred to as a “Neuromodulator” which affects the central nervous system and provides energy and focus. What is most noticeable to users, is the additional increase in mood and the positive sense of well-being. This is due to it’s ability to increase noradrenaline and dopamine levels which users sense a feel of heightened alertness, enhanced focus and concentration.*