About Us

About Us



Here at Pure Nutrition, we pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality, premium supplements the industry has to offer. With less than a 1% return rate, we are confident that we can find the perfect product for everyone that shops with us. With educational and athletic backgrounds, the team provides professional advice for everyone in the community. No sales gimmicks, no in-house branded supplements, just a game plan that matches its products in quality. 







Silvestre Gallegos 


    After struggling with weight issues my whole life, I reached a point in 2012 where I hit 375 pounds. I was only 22 but I was pre diabetic, had high blood pressure, and mobility issues. I decided to completely turn my life around and devoted myself becoming the healthiest version of myself possible. After going through a journey where I’ve lost over 150 pounds, my primary focus is now to help every person reach their own personal health goal, whether that be through nutritional guidance, training, or effective supplementation. 

Irvins Ayala


   25 years old professional athlete in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), achieved Bachelors degree in Kinesiology in both exercise science and sports nutrition. Obtained these degrees in his local hometown University California Baptist University (CBU). Irvins has always been into health and nutrition, as a hobby Irvins likes to do research with his best friends and brother's Silvestre and Alex as one day they'd love to change the health industry and make the world a better place.  

 Alejandro Rivera


As a former student and college baseball athlete from the college of Mt. San Jacinto, I had always surrounded myself with proper nutrition and supplementation. In order to sustain peak performance through training, I needed to fuel my body with proper supplementation. This led to the development of my knowledge I carry today. With studies in the field of nutrition and biochemistry, it was only time I peeked interest in opening a nutrition shop. With so many supplement companies out in the industry today, it is extremely difficult to figure out which company is of quality. My team and I gathered together to advocate against subpar companies by only offering product you can trust.