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Alani Nu Pre Workout

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Benefits Of Alani Nu Pre-Workout:

  • Sustained Clean Energy
    • Not Jittery, over tingled, anxiety ridden preworkout. From natural caffeine (not synthetic caffeine) and counteracted with l-theanine for "no crash" after wearing off. 
  • Boost Endurance
    • L-Citrulline + Beta Alanine are the new gold standard in any preworkout. They are also known as one "the pump" and the other "the tingles." Alani Nu Maxes out the pump 
      (l-citrulline) but is moderate with the tingles (beta alanine) to provide a perfect dose!
  • Improve Focus + Boost Mood
    • Caffeine with L-tyrosine delivers mental awareness to improve conscious muscle contraction and improve your exercise performance overall.

How Does Alani Nu Pre-Workout Work?

  • L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 @ 6 g 
    • L-Citrulline Malate increases the body's nitric oxide (NO) levels. This improves blood flow, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles, giving you the muscle PUMP!  More oxygenated blood in the muscle means more muscular endurance and power to exercise longer and gain more strength. 

    • Beta-Alanine @ 1.6 g 
      • Oh the tingle stuff! Well those tingles are flushing out lactic acid out of your muscles. Lactic acid is what builds up in your muscles during each rep that makes the next rep harder. So if your body can flush that out faster, you can do more reps, and do more sets with less rest time. Reducing lactic acid levels helps reduce muscle fatigue and increases recovery. Less fatigue allows you to break the muscle down further which means more muscle definition and size. Alani Nu puts the proper dose of this where you do not feel over tingled, but enough for optimal performance!

      • Caffeine (Coffea arabica bean extract) @ 200 mg 
        • Hey, don't you pay $5 or more for a cup of this stuff in a venti size? 2-3 shots of expresso is in the average latte and that is the same 200mg of caffeine. So I guess we should charge $150 per bottle with 30 servings @ $5 per serving! 
        • Or maybe you drink a carbonated energy drink. Well most of those contain a super concentrated form of caffeine called "Caffeine Anhydrous. Instead of using Caffeine Anhydrous (synthetic) that is in almost every energy drink and pre-workout, Alani Nu uses Caffeine from Coffee Bean Extract. The synethic caffeine can cause over-stimulating effects for some, such as anxiety, and it dehydrates the skin. You are working out to be the best mentally and physically.  Natural caffeine is not as super concentrated and will just overall help you gain energy and focus while maintaining healthy skin. 

        • L-Tyrosine @ 500 mg
          • L-tyrosine boosts the release of dopamine, the mood-enhancing chemical. This allows for Alani Nu pre-workout to have a increased in focus, enjoyment, and a better workout overall. 

          • L-Theanine @ 200 mg
            • Take to much stimulants and your brain is scattered going 100mpg. L-Theanine is an alternative approach that makes the brain stay balanced and focused. That way you can focus on the task at hand and get to channeling that energy into your workout. The better part? This helps with not crashing after a workout as you are calm and collected.