ABL Pharma Phenta Plex Pre Workout

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ABL Pharma Phenta Plex Pre Workout

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ABL Pharma Phenta Plex is a relatively new pre-workout on the sports scene. Loved by activity lovers, mainly due to its highly stimulating composition. This one additionally supports concentration and focus. ABL Pharma Phenta Plex It’s pure energy that hits fast and makes your workout finally surprise you! This is all thanks to the presence of caffeine, DMHA and niacin. The latter, among other things. Regulates cholesterol levels by lowering the unfavorable LDL fraction and triglyceride levels.

What it will give you ABL Pharma Phenta Plex?

  • Better muscle pumps,
  • Excellent concentration,
  • Attention and focus,
  • Improves the development of red blood cells.

Use of: Consume one serving approximately 20-30 minutes before your target workout. Beginners should start with an incomplete dose – ie. From ½ measure. Do not exceed the allowable maximum daily dose.