Muscle Sport- Rhino Rampage™PREWORKOUT

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Don’t be fooled by the cute label…this rhino packs a punch.   This is a well rounded formula that leans heavy on stims, but also doesn’t cheap out in other key ingredients that truly make it memorable.

  • 3-Aminopropanoic Acid (Beta-Alanine; 2,500mg) – buffers lactic acid and enhances muscular work capacity during high intensity exercise.
  • Pepform® Citrulline (2,000 mg) – All the benefits of citrulline in a more advanced delivery system with whey peptides for enhanced absorption!
  • Rampage Jungle Energy Matrix (890 mg) – Packed with renowned ingredients delivering an unparalleled energy and laser-like focus.
  • Amentopump™ (50 mg) – Resulting in dilated veins allowing blood to flow more freely, giving you monster pumps!
  • KannaEase™ (25 mg) – A renowned African herb known for its psychoactive properties providing reduced anxiety and improved performance!